Salmon salar

Fishing in Kukkolankoski

Salmon Salar - Fishing program - 'starting program'

Tornionjoki river is the biggest free-flowing river in Europe in which whitefish and salmon spawn. The traditional form of fishing in "the Channel", as the water system is sometimes called, is salmon trolling without a motor (by rowing boat).

The program contains rowing preliminary guidance to the fishing spot.

Fishing takes place in two customers per boat, first guide to show fishing areas and after that customers continue fishing, this program 'base' is a ferry on the river.

Fishing guidance additional hours, if necessary is 60 € / hour

Key information
  • Tour Duration: two - three hours program, time depends group size
  • Group size: minimum two person and up to 10 person the program
  • Price: 129 € / person
  • Supplement: Tornionjoki lure fishing joint permit price 20 € / 24hour. Children under 15 years of age do not need joint permit.
  • Please note that in Tornionjoki river fishing is not allowed between Sunday 7pm and Monday 7pm.

Season normally from June to August.

And please note that there are restrictions on fishing on the Torne River, please ask for more information.

Fishing equipment rent
  • Rowboat rental 65 € / day, incl. outboard motor, oars, life jackets
  • Salmon fishing equipments - two rod/reel set 35 € / day -incl. the lures ( 4pc) set